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  • By Jennie Cruickshank
  • 01 Dec, 2014
Isobel D-B. provided Elaine with this testimonial about her experience with her...

''They took things at the pace i wanted so I didn't feel I was under lots of pressure. Elaine was lovely and really reassuring throughout, Thankyou for helping me pass my driving test''.

Thanks Isobel, another driver passed with Bubble Driving School Bristol.

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By Russell Marchant 27 Nov, 2017


 Your having a laugh ain't ya?


Over the years people have commented about driving lesson prices in general. After you have passed your test some things make more sense, and all the more eye opening.

When you are learning to drive it never occurs to you about how much fuel to make the car go where you want to. Mum and or dad just get in and drive you to which ever place you or all of you want to go. Sometimes the driver may stop at a garage for fuel but you do not notice how often, or how much comes out of the bank account to pay for it. This becomes apparent to you when you have your own car or motor bike. And what a shock too!

Then, there is motor insurance those of you who have a car after passing your test always nearly faint when you start getting quotes from insurance companies.

It also never occurs to the learner driver about maintenance of a vehicle as Merlin the wizard (Only one of many witches & wizards who work their magic) covers the costs, tyres, window wiper blades, repairs of engine or body parts (and NO, Â I do not mean arms or legs but sometimes the cost seem as though that is the case!)

And guess what! I almost forgot to include road tax every year, and the M.O.T.  Everyone I have ever known are always on tender hooks the day that their car goes in for its M.O.T. It is almost like waiting for an exam result. Will it pass, or will I have a bill to pay, will that bill be big or small? What will happen to my bank balance, can I afford it? The relief when the news is good, that this year everything passed!

Phew, what a relief. I am legal to drive her (or him (your car, bike) again.

Another huge expense come in the guise of buying or leasing the vehicle in the beginning and what an expense that will be. We never get any younger neither does a car depreciation has again to be factored into the lesson cost, and like me an instructor's car wears out quicker.

And the list seems never to end.

All these factors have to be afforded by your driving instructor!

Let me point out the tyres do have to be replaced more often, the insurance is a specialized insurance for the car and its passengers. The car is bought from new, or is leased this is a high expense and a more regular expense. Your driving instructor training has to be paid for, with a special check test every 2-4years, franchise x 12 monthly payments, tax, national insurance, a lot more fuel is constantly needed. Any cancelation of any appointments with pupils has to be factored in as the mortgage still has to be paid (unfortunately!!!).

Many people do not think about fuel and time etc going from appointment to appointment. The car is an instructor's workplace, none of us think about this, we all assume that running a car and business is a unseen thing.

When you go on a night out with your mates stop and think how much your taxi ride cost is coming home, you maybe only in the car for 30minutes but that 30minutes can cost as little as £20.00 or as much as £40.00. times this by 2 = £40.00-£80.00 (per hour). We just except this price and we haven't had the use of a fully qualified teacher, teaching you skills that will last you your whole life.

Maybe the going rate for a tutor to help you study for school work will cost you £35.00 or more per hour add this to the taxi drive costing £40.00- £80.00 = this amounts to £75.00- £105.00.

Driving lessons then seen relatively none expensive, don't they?

Take care and look out for me again

Mrs BubbLe


By Tim Marchant 26 Sep, 2017

I was speaking to a delivery driver today and after chatting for a few minutes he noticed our spare driving school car. He said he had always wanted to become a driving instructor, however he had never acted upon this dream and said it would never happen now as he was to old.

It suddenly struck me how many of us let time go by and not fulfill dreams and wishes. I explained to my new driver friend that you are never to old to retrain and grasp those dreams and make them a reality. I expressed my dismay when I suddenly realized that he was younger than me, does that make me old? No! I am young at heart and I don’t think that a young 50 year old is old and would be past making things happen, let alone my new 40 year old driver friend.

To become a driving instructor is a wish many people do not act upon as they do not know how to go about things, or where to go for a friendly chat about the industry.

Years a go when I learnt to drive, a driving instructor was an ordinary retired man who wanted to earn a bit more money. Qualifications never came into it as far as I am aware.

Now driving instructors are a professional body and have to go through 3 exams to enable to become a fully licenced driving instructor. These exams are run by the DVSA. When you are qualified you are retested every 2-4years to make sure you are still on the ball so to speak and teach a lesson competently and in the manner the Government wants to see. Quite right too!

Gone are the days when an instructor taught the lady down the road just for a little bit of pin money.

These days you have  to think of a driving instructor as a college teacher teaching you a skill for the rest of your life and the independence it gives is immeasurable. Think of the driving school instructor as being as qualified as a teacher with a portable classroom (the driving school car).

You can build a career out of it, progressing into many different fields.

Being a driving instructor is a fulfilling, satisfying and challenging profession. You can work however many hours you would like in a working week, juggle family life and commitments however you want, and when you get that bonus feeling when your pupil has passed their driving test knowing you have been the one to help them to achieve that independence in their life. It makes your heart sing.

Don’t let your dreams and wishes pass you buy, act upon them even if it is just finding out information, you’ve made a start. Whatever those dreams or wishes are.

BubbLe driving school can talk you through the process of becoming a driving instructor, several of our team with in BubbLe do train people to become driving Instructors. We all support one another at BubbLe and pride ourselves to always try to do a good job, for everyone.

Ta Ta for now

Mrs BubbLe

By Tim Marchant 29 Aug, 2017


We also have intensive courses with our instructor Chris B. Chris is a wonderful teacher and has now progressed into intensive tuition. Chris has assessment lesson available from the week of 11th September 2017 with intensive courses looking to start from 25th September 2017 on wards.

So what are you waiting for??? Why not call BubbLE driving School today and book in whilst these appointments are still available.

By Tim Marchant 25 Jul, 2017
Our instructors are trained to a very high standard in driving. They work tirelessly from inside the car to at home during their family time planning their next few lessons for each customer on their books to advance their tuition.

But, from time to time our instructors need down time, weather they go away for a short break, or play a round golf or do something fun, well this was sent in by our instructor martin. Martin has a interest in computers, in CGI creation and this is a fantastic image he has created, fun and wacky. The perfect capture of our Driving School.

Amazing work martin and a perfect summary of his teach style.
By Tim Marchant 10 May, 2017
So, this post is a incident that i witnessed today. So i shall explain what happened, what i witnessed and what i did.

I was leaving my home, taking my usual route to the office when i  was behind a orange skoda mokka turbo. Having traveled a few hundred yards i was worried about the safety of the driver, and indeed public safety.

So the car, was driving on the wrong side of the road, then swerved back to the right lane but his speed dropped. Now bear in mind at this point we are in a 40mph limit, and it fell to 15mph. Approaching a blind bend  the car went wide, exited the bend on the wrong side of the road. Continuing to travel a further half a mile, it slowed down to 20mph 400yards away from the junction. Now this junction has a pedestrian island on it kerbed. No traffic coming from the left, none from the right, he continued to wait a few more seconds then sped off mounting the kerb with both wheels to 60mph. At this point the speed and the area approaching, was dangerous and reckless driving.

Weigh up in my mind, "if something happened. If the car had been in a accident or a fatality......." could i live with myself having witnessed the events.

So the car i drive, it has a built in Bluetooth system, and voice recognized controls. I felt i had to report this to the police, if not for the safety of the driver, but for the safety of other road users and pedestrians. The car was driving recklessly, dangerously, and i suspected it to be a drunk driver.

Calling the police, i reported the vehicle, make color and reg, i continued to give a running commentary of where i, and the car was so the police could act quickly. Informing the police that i work for a driving school and fully recognize car speeds, particularly as this was happening on my usual route, and in my home area.

The call lasted around 10minutes. Again giving a running description of what i was witnessing, where we was. Coming to the end of the call a police unit driving in the opposite direction turned to pursue.

At this time we were approaching Yate from Pucklechurch. The driver of the car did not stop, and continued to drive, reaching a round-a-bout he stopped for a few seconds. The police car still behind he then speed off. If by now you thought the driving was dangerous it get's worse.

I continued to follow safely and in line with the traffic and the correct speed limits, the car over took the traffic, driving on the wrong side of the road. The driver of the car proceeded through red lights by Morrison's supermarket, pedestrains about to cross the road. He continued to drive away the police car in pursuit. Approaching a roundabout, now this roundabout has 2 lanes. The outside lane to turn left or go straight ahead, and a inner lane, to turn right or to double back.

So the car drove onto the inner lane cut across traffic on the outer lane to turn left. Following still, the car over took 3/4 cars with oncoming traffic, he approached traffic lights and again went through a red light. Cut across the traffic coming out the junction and continued to drive recklessly.

At this point i cant pass any more comment on what happened as i was commuting to work. But the point I'm making is this. If you suspect a vehicle to be driving recklessly, dangerously, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, PHONE THE POLICE on 999. As i said, if i heard news that this car, was involved in a car accident, or a fatality, i could never live with myself knowing i could have helped too prevent it by simply ringing the police, safley.

As a driver and road user, its our duty as drivers to be safe, to drive safe, and to be safe around others and the public too.


By Tim Marchant 28 Apr, 2017
Well, BubbLe Driving School has been well Established in Bristol for 15years now, and we are super excited to announce, drum roll please. BubbLe driving Weston.

That's right, we have expanded ourselves to Weston super mare. Our amazing instructor mike, has relocated to Weston. mike is a fantastic instructor and person, he has a gentle and friendly teaching style and nature, he will try his hardest to accommodate clients needs, but he is fantastic with nervous pupils.

Mike has been with us for over 4+years, and has been a ADI for over 6+years. We and he, are excited to expand the business too  Weston. Mike drives a Renault cactus and its manual tuition.

He and indeed us, are super excited to bring a amazing business to the local community in Weston, to help those with nervous, anxiety, and special needs. And as some of our clients say, a Councillor to Weston in their lessons.

The first 10 customers in Weston-super-mare to book up with mike, will be entitled to a 15% discount off their 2hr assessment lesson.

Here's to a new and exciting future to the community of Weston and ourselves

By Russell Marchant 30 Sep, 2016
Bubble Driving School is really pleased to take bookings for Automatic with our new female driving instructor in the following areas.
Southmead, Horfield, Filton, Patchway, Henleaze, Westbury on Trym, Clifton, Stoke Bishop, Cleeve Wood, Brentry, Henbury, Blaise Castle, Lawrence Weston, Shirehampton. 

Please contact us Now on our contact form, or by phone Monday to Friday 9-6pm
By Jennie Cruickshank 07 Nov, 2015

We are often asked how long will I take to learn to drive? This can never be guarenteed by   any   driving school as every one takes a different time to learn.Some people can take a while to learn steering, others can take a while to learn roundabouts. Manovers, the ring road can alsdo take time to get to grips with. There are some that driving comes naturally and are born to drive and people can struggle all through the learning curve but make extremly safe and confidant drivers. No two people are the same.

I can advise you on currant goverment guidelines which are for a 17yr recommends 45hours with a driving school and additionally at least 25hrs of practice with someone sat at the side of you when in the later stages of learning to drive. * remember to inform the appropreiate car insurer, other wise you may not be covered on insurance.

Some 17year olds will take longer others take less. Of course i need to point out that unfortunatly as you get older the length of time of learning to drive can take longer as again this is pointed out in goverment statstics.

It is a real commitment of finances and time on learning to drive, certainly not cheap! However look at it this way, it is a life skill that will last for your intire life. Compair it to extra tution for a levels GCSE's etc.

Many people could save a great deal of money with driving lessons if only you treat it the same as exams, you have to put in the time. I do not necessarily mean more driving lessons, but study whilst you are in the car as a passenger with perhaps mum or dad whilst they are driving.etc. Look at their observations on the road, watch their driving coming to road juntions what they do when approaching roadabouts traffic lights. Ask questions!

Start studying the Highway code before you start driving lessons. I know it is a boring book!! Sorry, but it needs to be done even just 10minutes a day will help. This book can give you a greater understanding of the roads signs and rules this will help you combined with your lessons to enable you to learn to drive quicker therefore saving money.

Another pointer to saving you money is to study ( Yes I did say that uncool boring word Study) for your theory and hazard perception test.

You can take your theory and hazard perception on your 17th birthday if you wish. many, many people put off this part of the driving test, therefore when they have had lessons and can be near to taking a practical test they cannot book it as they have not passed the theory and hazzard perception test and got the relevant pass code number to apply for the practical test. Money is then being used for driving lessons to keep the pupil up to speed for the practical test just because they have put off of studying sooner.

Have any of you thought about asking for birthday presents/ christmas present in driving lesson vouchers?

If you started with just a couple of weeks with perhaps 2 or 3 2hr lessons a week your beginning of understanding driving skills will be speeded up, as there will not be 6days in between learning the basics to forget.This can give an overall saving of money too.

Finally remember to have a driving instructor you feel comfortable with enjoy your driving lessons and cannot wait to get into the car for your next driving lesson. If these boxes are all ticked you will take on board more instruction per lesson therefore helping you to save money on driving lessons. If you do not enjoy the lessons then maybe speak to the relevent driving school head office and ask for a different instructor. ( However be aware there will be some weeks in your driving experiance you might get frustrated or go backwards this is quite common, but if week on week you dread having a lesson then you might need to change instructors)

Bye for now speak to you soon

Mrs BubbLe @ BubbLe driving School

By Jennie Cruickshank 11 Sep, 2015

If you require automatic driving lessons, we now have spaces available with our automatic driving instructor team . To avoid disapointment please contact us to book an appointment. Our automatic team has been busy all summer and we have had to turn away pupils. We have had test passes and therefore able to take on new pupils. Look forward to speaking to you.


By Jennie Cruickshank 09 Sep, 2015
Old sodbury roads are welcoming new legal driver April Putt after passing her driving test with her BubbLe driving Instructor Graham. A huge step for independant travel April. A big pat on the back for all your hard work with Graham.

WARNING- remember the New driver law . If you accumulate 6 points on your driving license with in 2years of passing your test it will be revoked and you will need to start the process again from scratch!!!
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