Bubble Driving School is on the lookout for individuals to train and join our team!

Need a career change?

Fed up with the 9-5 routine?

Or are you already a qualified Driving Instructor (ADI) and need a really great franchise to support you?

So Why is Bubble Driving School the right Driving Franchise for you?

"If you have any doubts about joining a Driving School Franchise, they are warrented, however we are different, we deliver what we say we will deliver, and we always put our Instructors first. See what some of our current driving instructors are saying about us:"
Richard Morgan "after having experienced a 'cowboy' driving instructor training organisation, I had almost given up on becomming an ADI, but managed to put myself through the last qualification test. When I qualified I spoke to various local driving schools about franchise opportunities, but only BubbLe were interested in meeting me face to face before any agreement or signing me up. I was iniaitlly sceptical due to my previous experiences but Russ and Jenn were friendly, and understanding in our first meeting, and were reassuring without making any empty promises. I had seen the Bubble Cars out and about and all their instructors seemed friendly. The diary system they use works really well, and I can work the times and days which suited my family life. I have had a constant stream of work, and have had to advise on many occasions that I am too full and unable to take new learners on.

When it comes to support and back up, they are outstanding! When my car has been off the road due to unforseen circumstances Russ and Jenn have been able to support me and keep me working. They even dropped their spare car off for me at 9pm at night so I could continue the lessons booked the next day! I now teach both Manual and Automatic, and I look forward to working with them for many years to come."

Mark Claydon "I have worked for a few driving schools now and I have to say that Bubble exceeded my expectations with regard to both the amount of work received and the personal support given. Russell, Deb and Jen really go out of their way to involve you with the day to day running of the company and any major decisions that are made, you are treated like a person, not a number. On a personal note, I unfortunately have had ill health and I have really appreciated the kindness shown by them. It goes to show what good people they are."

Mike Ferris "Since joining Bubble three Months ago my diary's been full every week.The team are helpful and supportive,and always ready and willing to answer my dumb questions.Having had bad experiences with franchises in the past,its been refreshing to work with people who are just as interested in my success as their own. If, for some reason in the future I lose my mind and decide I want to be used and ripped off,then i'll try something else,but for now i'll stick to working with people with integrity and honesty."

Mel Tyler "I have been with bubble since November 2012. I was somewhat sceptical after already being with another driving school of which I was paying a high franchise fee with not much to show other than a quiet diary. All the information seemed too good to be true. A lesser monthly fee, a full diary and support if needed. But this was exactly what happens when you work with bubble. It was the best decision I ever made. I never have a quiet diary now, in fact I am being asked at times to take on more pupils even when full. It's not only that though it's knowing that people are there to answer your questions or give guidance. A friendly team which I love being part of."

Elaine Cook "I have worked with Bubble for the last five months as an ADI franchisee. It has been a very pleasant and refreshing experience. Within two to three weeks of signing on with them I had enough pupils to keep my diary full and this has continued. I have never had to ask for more referrals, but rather had difficulty fitting new pupils into a full diary. I have found Bubble to be supportive and always willing to listen and to help with any problems. Occasional get togethers with other instructors on the team have also proved helpful with all willing to share experiences and advise on problems. As an "employment experience" I would rate Bubble extremely highly. Thank you to all of you."

Bill Cockell "I would recommend joining Bubble Driving School as an Instructor. As unlike other driving schools I have worked for, pupil supply always dried up after a few months. But since joining Bubble I have had a constant supply, and have now been working for them for over a year"

Alexandra MacArthur "I've worked with Bubble Driving School for 3 years now and have enjoyed working with Russ and Jennie very much. They are both very supportive and will always make the time to listen to you and help in which ever way they! Jennie and Russ work very hard to promote the company and have been very successful in doing this over the last few months, but also keeping us involved in decisions and taking on board any concerns or ideas we have. The franchise is very reasonable and suits my needs, the car designs are good fun, which does reflect with the instructors that work with Bubble, they are a great bunch of people to work with, and it makes doing what can be a lonely job much easier!"

Martin Rafferty "I was first attracted to Bubble Driving School by the cars. It seemed a fun loving school, who were focused on where they wanted to go as a business, and they haven't dissappointed. Honest and upfront right from the first meeting, they have fulfilled all my needs and made me feel a welcome member of the team. Support and advice has been there every step of the way, I couldn't ask for better"

Glenn Abrahams "I've been with Bubble as a franchised ADI for 3 years now. Looking back I wish I had left the national company I used to work for much earlier. The Franchise fee is reasonable, we get 2 weeks free over Christmas and the driving school has been keen to help with CPD. They are always approachable and happy to help, yet they are also happy to let you work on your own without interference. Work is plentiful and generated by a first class website, and brightly coloured cars"

Rob Stokes "Russ and Jennie have been incredibly supportive and the training for my part 3, has been fantastic. I am so glad that I decided to change my career, and that I chose Bubble Driving School"
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