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Justin: My name is Justin and i am a lecturer in music at Bristol University. After having driven an automatic car in California for a number of years, I have spent the last 10 years in Britain without driving. It was daunting to be on the "other side of the road" as well as drive a manual car.

I had lessons with BubbLe Instructor Elaine who was fantastic. She was paitent and kind, and had an immense knowledge of the driving test and the rules of the road. As an educator myself, it's been awhile since i have been a student and it was great to be in such capable hands.

She was always on time, never cancelled, and always let me know she had arrived by text. after failing the test a first time (due to a silly mistake on my part), she was reassuring and on the second test i got a clean slate with no errors whatsoever. Had i not had such a good teacher, I would not have recieved that result.

I just wandted to take the time to formally thank Elaine, and BubbLe Driving School, for creating results.

DR. Justin A. W


Jude: Bubble Driving School are fantastic, it took me until the age of 42 to learn to drive. I was a little nervous and lacked confidence but the whole experience was relaxed, my instructor gave me confidence and is a patient, professional teacher. I now can't understand why I left it so long to learn to drive as I love it. I would and have recommend Bubble Driving School to anyone and everyone, they are great.

Jayne: Well apart from the great name, this driving school are friendly, approachable and really care about their learner drivers. 

Michelle: After researching lots of different driving schools , I finally found Bubble Driving School. And wow I am glad I did. I was a bit slow to begin due to a very small disability that I have had since birth. JThey were very professional and very patient with me which helped my confidence behind the wheel. I can't believe I am finally driving , and its all thanks to Bubble who have brilliant teachers, it's the best thing I have ever done . Would highly recommend Bubble Driving school to everyone :D 

Jenna : I have nothing but praise for Bubble - very reliable and honest and I couldn't have done it without my instructor

Hannah: It's like driving with a friend! Always encouraging and made me believe I could pass! Which I did! Highly recommend Bubble Driving school in Bristol

David: My instructor, is calm, patient, positive and encouraging. Her attitude has been perfect for an older, nervous driver like me and I feel together we are really making progress.

Shaun: They were very good when I did my driving test. Very helpful and reliable. Made learning to drive seem so easy.

Robin: Made it in to an enjoyable experience. I passed so I consider that to be the best recommendation I could make.

Danielle: Friendly, easy going instructors. Made my driving experience very enjoyable. They give you loads of confidence whilst driving and are THE BEST IN BRISTOL

Glenda: I would recommend Bubble Driving school to anyone wanting driving lessons in Bristol

Douglas: A very organised Driving School that is next to none in my humble opinion. Their appointment is spot on. When it comes to Driving Lessons, Instructors from Bubble Driving School are not only professional in their duties but also kind, honest, accommodating, to mention but just a few.

Austin: One thing that is really good about the company, is that the instructors are very humanistic and genuine people, who pursue the interest of the students.

Dan: I Passed 1st time, it was really good fun, and I enjoyed every lesson, great instruction

Reagan: I was given really great training, now I have passed my B+E, my work will change.

Vicky: BubbLe by name BubbLe by nature the name sounds fun, the lessons really are fun! Thoroughly understood my nervousness and helped me overcome it. GREAT!

Toby: It has just made my year, passed my B+E 1st time, Russ tailored my training to suit my needs, a really great company to learn with.

Zoe: You taught me so much, and explained why I needed to do certain things, in certain ways. It made so much more sense after my other Driving School experience. I can't believe how great you are, and I would throughley recommend you.

Angela: I passed 1st time, 6 weeks from start to finish, highly recommended, Russ was just brilliant. Sarah, Bristol: I can't thank you enough, after 8 yrs, and 4 previous tests, with other driving schools. I really thought I would never be able to drive. You raised my confidence, upped my self esteem, then arranged my test, I then passed 1st time with BubbLe Driving School , you have made my life change.

Rachel: Great fun, dedication to me the learner. I just did not think I would pass 1st time. I was taught so much, and enjoyed every lesson.

Olly and Rob: It got us out of a mess, not realising we were both towing illegally, so for our business we needed to pass the trailer test quick, Russ at BubbLe sorted our tests, training, and helped us both pass in doubly quick time, we both passed 1st time as well.

Naithen: I couldn't have passed my trailer test without the training given. It was well worth it!

Ben: Very good towing course tailored to my needs. Thank you.

Josh: Highly recommended 1st time pass, all the Lessons went to quick and were fun.

passed driving test

Tim: They understood my special needs, and I passed 1st time. I would recommend BubbLe to everyone.

Laura: Thank you Mr BubbLe, you have had so much patience with me and I had such a fun time learning to drive, and I passed, I shall miss our weekly lessons.

Josh: Excellent, they sorted out my driving, I passed my B+E (trailer) test 1st time, not too pushy, but they worked out what I needed to do to get me there. They are highly recommended.
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