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Statistics have shown that a person who has their driving lessons close together, and in the lead up to a test, will learn in a fewer amount of lessons than regular weekly lesson tuition. So Fewer lessons mean's a saving on the cost of learning to drive. The inital outlay may seem quite high, but the amount of hours spent in the car may be greatly reduced, therefore you may save on the whole learning cycle.

At Bubble Driving School our intensive are designed with you in mind. Our first port of call is a 2 Hour Assessment, where we can determine roughly how many hours will be required to get you ready for your test. This is not a final estimate, as everybody learns at different rates, but can be used as a guideline, and we can determine which package will suit you best. All of our courses, EXCLUDING our Beginners Intensive Course, is bespoke to your previous driving experience.

At BubbLe Driving school we offer the Beginners Intensive Course which is 42hours in total. This course is for those who have never learned to drive before, the Government statics state that a 17-25 year old with no driving experience, requires a minimum of 40 hours tuition with a driving instructor. This course consists of a 2 hour assessment lesson at the beginning as well as 40 hours of intensive tuition. The 2 hour assessment lesson is for our instructors to construct a personnel tuition plan for the duration of the 40 hour course. All of our courses are tailor made to accommodate your needs, learning abilities.

You will need to ensure that you have already completed your theory test before your intensive course can commence. Our instructors will then co ordinate with yourself a suitable date for your test*.

All intensive courses require a 50%  non-refundable deposit upon initial booking in the office, and the remaining balance to be paid on the first lesson of your course**.

 Do you have previous driving experience?

Do you need to speed up your learning?

Do you want to speed up your learning?

Intensive Course Driving Lesson prices

Due to the nature of booking Intensive courses, we have to clear large portions of our diaries to accommodate the learner, for this reason, intensive course will need to be booked in advance.    

Manual Intensive Course Prices, Bristol only!

Due to high demand their is a waiting period from assessment to course starting.

Over 5 days = 2 hours per day
(10 hour duration)
Manual Price - £275.00

Over 5 days = 4 hours per day | Over 10 days = 2 hours per day (20 hour duration)
Manual Price - £560.00

Over 5 days = 6 hours per day | Over 10 days = 3 hours per day (30 hour duration)
Manual Price - £840.00

Beginners Course
(no experience)
2 Hour assessment lesson,
Over 10 days = 4 hours per day | Over 20 Days = 2 hours per day
(42 hour duration)
Manual Price - £1045

DVSA Driving test fee of £62 is not included within the above intensive courses

Intensive courses are generally only started once you have completed your Theory Test.

We will generally work backwords from a practical test date. (This will be explained in more depth upon contact)

For our Intensive courses we will require a 50% non-refundable deposit, when booking is made. The Balance is due on the first day of the course. Due to the nature of intensive courses, once the deposit has been paid the dates of the course are non-changeable, and the deposit is non-refundable.
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