Why is working as a Bubble Franchisee the right thing to do?

Are you struggling with your current driving school/business?

Are you having to work Two jobs to make ends meet?

Are you interested in having a more busy diary, with more pupils?

Are you interested in working as a part of a team?

Do you enjoy being a Driving Instructor?

If your answer is YES to all of the above then we are the School for you!

Russ and I pride ourselves on our approach to all of our instructors, who are each valued as an integral part of our team. Similairly we know that the pupil is important, as is our reputation. Without our pupils we would not have the succesful business that we do.

We will not, and have not lost touch with our main clients, you, the instructor. Your contentment and happiness, and the achievment of your preferred working hours, is important to us, as much as it is try and maintain these hours.

We currently have 18 driving Instructors based in Bristol, a combination of Male and Female, teaching in both Manual and Automatic cars, we like to try and offer all services that could be required from someone wishing to learn to drive.

We like Transparency, we have nothing to hide. We are more than happy for all of our intructors to speak to one another. Many ADI/PDI's feel that this can be a lonely job, and it can be, but here at Bubble, Russ and I activly encorouge get togethers, team work, and we are always there to support our colleagues.

We encorouge our instructors to further develop themselves, whether this is via in house training or training with External Providers. Training can take on many forms, whether it is initially preparing to join the industry and become a driving instructor (Training for Parts 1, 2 and 3), multi skilling yourself, with the likes of the B+E trailer towing, Fleet Assessors, Or teaching in an Automatic? You may decide to embark on training to offer the B-Tec Qualifications, (Award Level 2, Demonstrating Safe Driving, Car Driver, or Level 1, Safe road skills and attitudes), Qualify as an ORDIT trainer (Official Register for Driving Instructor Trainers), or undertake the PTTLS course (Prepare to Teach in the Life Long Learning Sector). We can offer and assist you with funded in house training (Dependent on goverment funding).

Many of our Instructors have jumped at the opportunity to Multi Skill, and as a result we are able to offer the B-TEC (Award level 2, Demonstrating Safe Driving, Car Driver, and the B-Tec Award Level 1 Safe Road Skills and attitudes) to all pupils. We have a number of instructors who are qualified to deliver Fleet Assessments. BubbLe Instructors do not see themselves as '' just another driving instructor ''

So what does the Bubble Franchise entail: 
  • We offer Two types of franchise, owned car, and supplied car.
  • We are happy to offer either franchise for either an ADI or PDI
  • Franchises are payable on a weekly basis (Most Affordable)
  • 2 Franchise free weeks are offered once you have completed 6 months service, every calender year.
  • We market the business through a number of different mediums, the Website, the Cars, Advertising, through 6th forms, and High Schools 
  • We provide a Managed Diary booking system, and we actively book pupils into your diaries as they come through to our head office.
  • We endevour to supply you with pupils to try and attain, and maintain the hours you wish to work
  • We provide ongoing support and training
  • Training with External Providers to further your driving career
  • We have regular meetings and socials
  • We provide you with your Stationary (Appointment Cards, Terms & Conditions, Show me Tell me, record sheets etc)
  • We work actively with Business's and Schools to promote our services
  • We are linking with Local High Schools and Colleges and are becomming the Driving School of choice
  • We are using upto date marketing techniques and consistantly working to improve our Media/online stance 

So are you interested in finding out more about what we can offer you, how you can train with us in a new career, or how we can help your business grow as an Instructor working with us? 

Please call our Head Office and ask for Jennie or Russ on :

01454 884244

Or feel free to contact us here, advising you are interested in working with BubbLe and we will get back to you.
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