Would you like to save money on your car insurance?

Would you like to get an additional Qualification?

Learning with BubbLe can provide you with an Insurance discount of up to 15% for your 1st years car insurance, we can provide you with a Qualification and We will provide you with a driving license!

B-Tec Award Level 2, Demonstrating Safe Driving (Car Driver)
  • A new additional, recognized Qualification to put on your CV
  • Can give you that extra edge needed for your personal statement for your university or college application
  • Can give you an Insurance discount of upto 15%
The B-Tec is run by our team of qualified Driving Instructors alongside/within your driving lessons. There is minimal disruption to the lesson, and minimal additional work required by you. 

The B-Tec does incorporate Motorway Driving, so once your Practical test has been completed, a few additional lessons on motorway driving will be required to complete the course. 

The B-Tec is competency based, and will only be signed off, once the pupil has been deemed competent in all areas by their instructor.

To do the B-Tec with BubbLe is a one off charge of £120

Insurance Providers offering discounts for New Drivers with B-Tec Award Level 2, Demonstrating Safe Driving (Car Driver) are currently: 

The B-Tec Award Level 2, Demonstrating Safe Driving (car driver) is run under the instruction of Any Driver
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